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To provide innovative, practical, cost-effective, and increasingly intelligent network and application performance management services and solutions to IT organizations of all sizes and industries.

The PacketIQ Vision reflects the key directives of our Mission:
Mind Chip
Identify and design the best network and application performance analysis and management practices, and aquire or develop the tools and processes to implement them.

Integrate and automate our best practices and tools to increase efficiency, reduce operational complexity, and make these functions increasingly valuable and cost-effective.
Increasingly Intelligent:
Advances in Aritificial Intelligence are occuring at an exponential rate - and the results are impressive. Google's self-driving cars have logged well over 140,000 miles in city traffic, and IBM's Watson trounced the best Jeopordy players in the country.

The 'IQ' in the PacketIQ name is derived from the belief that automation and emerging AI solutions can be applied to managing an IT infrastructure. We intend to be a key innovator and contributor to this goal - and we're excited about helping to shape the future and the benefits it will bring to our customers and humanity as a whole.
Robot Thinking

Business Intelligence Poster

Because you've got a lot to manage already.

Because improving application performance and user productivity is serious business.

Because this idea of managing the operational performance of your network and applications can be pretty daunting if you don't already have the right tools and skills in place.

Because you can spend huge sums of money on tools and training with the big tool vendors - and get marginal results. You don't need to.

But this isn't something you can expect your engineering or operations staff to do well, no matter how qualified. Performance management requires different apptitudes, skills, and tools than other disciplines - and a lot of every day, real-world experience to do it well.

We've been doing this kind of work - and developing tools and processes to do it better - for over 20 years. Our evolutionary advances in managing network and application performance have resulted in revolutionary performance management solutions - and we continue to improve the state of the art every day.

You get big company professionalism and experience with small company personal service and flexibility. We don't just gain clients - we strive to forge lasting partnerships.

But finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have experience in all aspects of network and application design and performance - so we understand the technical intracicies, challenges, and opportunities to improve performance in both environments - and can work efficiently with your support teams to achieve the highest performance possible.

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