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James H. Baxter
PacketIQ Inc. President/CEO
James H Baxter Bio photo

C172 - Sanford July 17 2008

James H Baxter is the founder, president and CEO of PacketIQ Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, my diverse technical background includes electronics, RF, satellite, data/telecom, LAN/WAN & voice design, network management, speech techologies, Java/.NET programming, and for most of the last 18 years, working specifically with network and application performance issues.

I've earned certifications in various facets of IT technology, most recently the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA), and am an active member of the IEEE, Computer Measurement Group (CMG), and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

In the fall of 2011, I successfully completed the Advanced track of the Intro to Artificial Intelligence course offered online by Stanford University, and continue to follow advancements in this field.

I am also a private pilot, hold an Extra class amateur radio license, like to participate in emergency communications preparedness (ham radio) activities, and enjoy playing guitar in a local band (when I have the time).

Tori Baxter
Sales & Marketing Manager - PacketIQ Inc.
Tori Baxter - Sales & Marketing Manager - PacketIQ Inc.

Did you know that over 200,000,000 M&Ms are sold each day in the United States? That’s in part because they have great marketing campaigns. They use unique packaging, promotional flavors or colors, and well written and memorable commercials in which their lively and colorful M&M characters are always up to some new antics. It’s cute and funny, but most of all, it sells!

I spent the first 14 years of my career working in the mortgage/finance industry, a Top Performer almost every quarter with an average 98% or higher QC rating. But while I learned a great deal and enjoyed this experience, I made the decision to switch paths. Delving into Sales & Marketing has been challenging, which I crave, and at the same time I find it easy because I believe in what I am "selling".

As Sales & Marketing Manager at PacketIQ, I am responsible for developing marketing content, digital and social-media marketing programs, direct-mail campaigns, and helping to roll-out the introduction of several new analysis tools and training packages.

I also manage PacketIQ Sales activities - helping to facilitate and schedule engagements, and making sure our clients are extremely satisfied with our services. I look forward to talking to / meeting you!

In my spare time I like to create country-style home decorations and hang out with my 9-year old son!

James C Baxter
Network & Application Performance Analyst - PacketIQ Inc.

"The prize is the pleasure of finding the thing out." - Richard Feynman

Whether it's digging around in the world of packets, working with network design and configuration, solving a clients technical problems, or learning to tack against the wind, I love finding things out.

As a Network and Application Performance Analyst with PacketIQ I utilize Wireshark and specialized analysis and modeling tools to troubleshoot current network and application problems as well as modeling the impacts of network environment changes to catch problems before they exist and help companies both large and small scale their network efficiently so they have a network that runs smooth and saves money.

In my spare time, I like to do a little sailing...

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