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PacketIQ Quick Reference Information & Useful Links

Quick Reference

IPv4 Subnet Table Table of subnet masks/CIDR, # of addresses and usable hosts, loopback and broadcast addresses per subnet


PacketIQ Training PacketIQ offers Hands-On, On-Site training on a variety of performance management tools and subjects

Useful Links

Wireshark Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer.
Wireshark University Become a Wireshark Certified Network Analyst
Wireshark CaptureSetup/Ethernet Reference info & diagrams for capturing packets from Ethernet networks
Wireshark HubReference Info on 'real' hubs for doing packet captures
Wireshark SwitchReference Analysis features for various managed switches
DNSstuff Look up IP Addresses
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force - RFCs
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers
APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
RIPE RIPE Network Coordination Centre (Europe)
WhoIS (Network Solutions) Search WHOIS records by domain name or IP address
Apdex Application Performance Index – Apdex Technical Specification Version 1.1
What is my IP Address? IP address, location on Google map, City/Region, and ISP info Throughput measurements from your browser. The accuracy from some locations is questionable.
mibDepot (Used to be mibCentral)
A Free SNMP MIB search engine
Submarine Cable Map 2014 Interactive map of the global undersea fiber optic cable infrastructure

Useful Tools

Apposite WAN Emulators High-precision, easy to use, and cost effective.
Dualcomm 5-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Switch Tap Port mirroring Tap - USB-powered - PoE Inline Power Pass-Through
Gigamon Gigamon Traffic Visibility Network Products - Taps
iTrinegy Network Emulators Network emulation products
Ixia Traffic Generation: ATM, PSTN, TCP/IP loads
Network Critical Network Critical Ethernet & 10g Taps
Network Instruments Gigabit packet collection & analysis, Taps
Spirent Traffic Generation

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