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Quick Reference: Learn how PacketIQ's BLAST Performance Analysis® services and tools can help you expertly management network and application performance and establish / maintain SLAs.

Quick Reference: BLAST Performance Analysis

Quick Reference to all of PacketIQ's Performance Management Services

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BLAST Performance Analysis®

PacketIQ's unique approach to performance management

Expertly manage network and application performance!

Do you want to manage end-to-end network performance to offer the best environment for your applications?

Do you also want to manage all of the key performance metrics that affect application performance?

Do you want to establish and manage-to performance Service Level Agreements for business critical apps?

Without blowing your IT budget for expensive tools, additional staff, training, and the inevitable setup & learning curve time as well as the all of the associated management headaches?

BLAST Performance Analysis® is an aggregation of PacketIQ services AND guiding principals for managing application performance in a network environment:

    B - Bandwidth allocations & usage for significant network links

    L - Latency between hosting data centers and remote user locations

    A - Application design and performance metrics

    S - Server processing times for various transactions and loadings

    T - Transaction Rates - concurrent user counts and usage characteristics

These are the same metrics required for Network Impact & Performance Assessment modeling - because they capture the essence of networked application performance!

BLAST Performance Analysis® services leverage best-in-class vendor tools and PacketIQ's own specialized tools and processes in a comprehensive solution that can be incrementally implemented and automated as time, budget, and needs dictate or provided as a managed service.

With the proper tools and processes in place, you can establish and manage-to performance SLAs for your business-critical applications.

BLAST Performance Analysis® services monitor and manage all of the most essential performance metrics:

PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer -w- Time of Day Analysis View
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Usage and trending reports on all WAN and MAN links and Access-Distribution-Core switch trunks are provided and reveiwed on a monthly or quarterly basis. These reports are based on statistcial analysis of short period (5-15 minute) sample time data for the review period to allow the highest accuracy, and include views of typical usage levels across the 24-hour day (using the PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer Time of Day Analysis feature) to ensure adequate bandwidth is available during the business hours and to allow scheduling and verification that data backups and other periodic / scheduled demands are completing in time and not conflicting with business day traffic.

Latency and routing across the Enterprise network is mostly ignored beyond troubleshooting scenarios, despite the fact that the effects on application performance are widely recognized. And what is often not considered is that routing across provider Frame Relay or MPLS networks can change without apparent cause or notification, sometimes resulting in significant increases in latency - which can affect the performance of networked applications. Routing path length may also be excessive for the geographical distance covered due to sub-optimal provider switching paths. PacketIQ tools record routing, latency, and 'average effective throughput' over the network path from data centers to end user locations to validate bandwidth allocation and availability assumptions.

PacketIQ Network Path Latency Report
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PacketIQ Network Path Performance Report
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Minimum bandwidth availability and typical latency and queuing delay values are summarized in intuative
'Network Path Performance Records'
for each data center -to- user location path to report the true performance of the network as experienced by the user's applications.


Application Metrics
Performance and design metrics for business-critical applications are captured and analyzed to identify any performance affecting factors that should be addressed, and archived to serve as benchmark data for comparison with newer application versions, reference for future troubleshooting efforts, and/or support NIPA modeling for future increases in user counts or new user locations.

PacketIQ Application Performance Analysis Report
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Transaction Rates and Server Processing Times

Server Performance
Response times under various server loadings are monitored to establish knee-in-the-curve performance changes, identify anamolies or degradations, and support SLA reporting.

Transaction Rates
Statistical analysis of concurrent user counts, active/inactive ratios, and 'think times' is collected to support server loading considerations and impact / performance modeling efforts for expansions.

You can now establish and verify performance SLAs for business-critical applications.

SLA's can be based and measured / reported against Apdex and/or business unit established values, and integrated with other SLAs (availability, etc.) to support your company's performance management agendas.

All application-related performance reports provided by PacketIQ include a breakdown of network transport (bandwidth) and app turns (latency) effects as both values and percentages against the total task-level (mouse-click) response times.

Network Effects Table - PacketIQ Report

PacketIQ recommends that the total contribution to end-user response times from network effects (bandwidth + latency) be limited to 30% or less - and be included in SLA reporting. Evaluating the contribution of network effects offers guidance for remediation efforts if response times exceed performance goals.

Comprehensive IT performance management is within your reach...

Managing network and application performance doesn't have to be an arduous exercise that strains your IT budget.

With some experienced help, a little initial effort, and some practical systems and processes put in place you can manage performance, report against SLAs, and ensure the best possible end user productivity and satisfaction, while significantly reducing future problem incidents and resolution times.

Many IT departments simply do not have the tools, staff, time, or expertise to perform the level of analysis that PacketIQ provides on a daily basis.

We can work as an out-sourced extension of your support teams to solve immediate problems, as well as help plan and integrate an on-going performance management toolset and processes as an in-house or managed service solution. We also offer a range of basic but highly practical and effective analysis tools we've developed to cover gaps in other tool vendor's offerings and provide lower cost alternatives to essential analysis needs.

Contact PacketIQ today to get started!