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Network and Application Performance Management Services

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Quick Reference: Learn how an Application Performance Analysis can help quickly and totally eliminate any additional troubleshooting time and just get started working on a fix.

Quick Reference: Application Performance Analysis

Appalyzer Transaction Processor
A PacketIQ Application Performance Analysis features our exclusive Appalyzer® software for extracting accurate network and application performance metrics from ordinary packet captures.

Our tools and proesses provide the most accurate metrics to help characterize and troubleshoot networked applications.

Quick Reference: Learn how a Network Impact & Performance Assessment - featuring the BLAST Performance Analysis® - ensures successful implementations, saves money, & offers peace of mind to CEOs, project managers and sponsors.

Quick Reference: Network Impact & Performance Assessment

Quick Reference: Learn how PacketIQ's BLAST Performance Analysis® services and tools can help you champion IT performance.

Quick Reference: BLAST Performance Analysis

Quick Reference to all of PacketIQ's Performance Management Services

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Eliminate application performance problems!

An Application Performance Analysis is a detailed packet-level measurement of application performance and the significant factors that govern how an application interacts with a network environment to affect response times and network impact.

This data is essential for network impact and response time assessments, benchmarking performance between versions, and quickly and accurately identifying the true source and nature of poor performance issues (Client-Network-App Turns-Server) so resolution efforts can be focused in the right area, reducing troubleshooting time and finger pointing between support groups.

Also essential for comparing and verifying performance and network efficiency between different software vendor's product offerings and validating in-house application development.
Application Performance Analysis Report

An APA report includes per-task (mouse-click) response times, relative percentages of client-network-app turns-server delays, and many more essential performance metrics.

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Quickly and totally eliminate any additional troubleshooting time and just get started working on a fix!

featuring the BLAST Performance Analysis®

Ensure successful application roll-outs!

Understand the impact on your network, where new capacity is needed, and the expected response times at all your remote sites - before you implement a new application or data center migration that could turn into a support nightmare.
Network Impact & Performance Assessment Report

A Network Impact projection shows the current WAN link utilization levels (Blue), plus the new traffic levels from the new application traffic (Green), and the additional 'overhead' bandwidth that needs to be available to accomodate short-term traffic peaks (Red) to ensure optimal application response times.
(An Outgoing Traffic graph/table is not shown)

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Network Impact & Performance Assessment Report

A Response Time Performance projection graphically reveals the expected response times at remote user locations, and how the time is distributed between client processing, network transport, application turns delay (due to network path latency), and server processing time. An accompanying table quantifies all of the time components as well as the percentage of the response time attributable to bandwidth constraints and application turns delay.
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PacketIQ's unique approach to performance management

Expertly manage network & application performance!

BLAST Performance Analysis® is an aggregation of PacketIQ services AND a set of guiding principals for managing application performance in a network environment:

  1. B - Bandwidth allocations & usage for significant network links
  2. L - Latency between hosting data centers and remote user locations
  3. A - Application design and performance metrics
  4. S - Server processing times for various transactions and loadings
  5. T - Transaction Rates - concurrent user counts and usage characteristics

These are the same metrics required for Network Impact & Performance Assessment modeling - because they capture the essence of networked application performance!

           PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer       Latency Analysis Summary       Application Performance Analysis       Application Performance Analysis w/ Server Proc Time Events       Transaction Rates Data

BLAST Performance Analysis® services leverage best-in-class vendor tools and PacketIQ's own specialized tools and processs in a comprehensive solution that can be incrementally implemented and automated as time, budget, and needs dictate.

With the proper tools and processes in place, you can establish and manage-to performance SLAs for your business-critical applications.

PacketIQ services leverage our unique tools and processes to provide unprecedented accuracy and visibility into the critical performance affecting conditions in your network and applications - making it possible to practically and efficiently manage your IT infrastructure to maximize performance and user satisfaction with minimal cost.

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