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PacketIQ Bandwidth Analysis Summary Report Template

PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer
Easily create extremely accurate and valuable bandwidth analysis reports
Create statistically based Bandwidth and Network Capacity Management reports from exported NMS data.

Clearly see actual 24-hour usage levels across the business day and evenings with the Time of Day Analysis™ view

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This template is designed to help you:

Provide professional looking technical and management-level summary reports
Quickly determine and report bandwidth usage and availability on network links
Use PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer statistical values for greater accuracy
Include Standard and/or Time of Day Analysis reports in your summary

This Excel® format template is easily modified to suit your reporting needs - instructions and examples are provided.
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Data values calculated from provided statistical usage levels provide

Percent Utilization

Available Bandwidth

Link Status Indicators

Analysis findings can be reported against physical port speeds or CIR allocations
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