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PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer Brochure
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for more information on the advanced tool developed and utilized by PacketIQ to provide expertly accurate bandwidth capacity and traffic analysis services.

PacketIQ Brochure
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Want to produce the most accurate and useful bandwidth analysis data and reports possible?

Clearly see what actual usage levels are across the business day and evenings?

The PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer provides clear and accurate measurement and visibility of network patterns and usage levels using multiple-day bandwidth data exported from your SNMP or NetFlow Network Management System - allowing easy, intelligent bandwidth capacity management.

The graphs and data values provided by most network management systems are offer an incomplete depiction of true usage levels and patterns across a typical business day.

* 'Average' values that might accompany some NMS reports include night and weekend periods and can be less than half of normal business day usage levels. 'Peak' or 'Max' values usually represent a few short-term events that again do not accurately represent nominal usage levels. 95th Percentile values are somewhat usable, but may not accurately depict business day usage because of the presence of nighttime backups or other traffic pattern anomalies.

* Most NMS reports do not clearly reveal recurring or anomalous patterns that should be scrutinized or excluded from daily usage considerations.

The PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer alleviates the above constraints and offers a wide range of filtering, data manipulation, and statistical analysis features to support accurate, intelligent management of bandwidth capacity.
PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer User Interface -w- ToD View
User settings and 'Time of Day Analysis' report view from the Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer.

The PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer features Time of Day Analysis reports which provide graphical and statistical usage values over a 24 hour period derived from multiple days of sample data. This offers one-glance visualization of typical daily usage patterns and levels.

Want to do expert, intelligent traffic & bandwidth capacity analysis yourself?

Get more info and pricing for the PacketIQ Bandwidth Statistical Analyzer!

PacketIQ TextPing

Enhance Application Test Packet Captures with TextPing!

TextPing is designed to enhance application test packet captures by:

  • ‘Marking’ the start of each application test activity in the packet capture file with a series of ICMP ‘Ping’ packets containing user-specified text messages for easy identification.

  • Recording CPU, Memory, OS, and network interface information from the test workstation.
  • Performing a traceroute to the destination host/server or network device.
  • Performing periodic latency and ‘Average Effective Throughput’ tests on a continuous basis and each time a set of message packets are sent to provide information about network conditions at the time of the test.

TextPing was designed to make it easier to do packet captures of a user exercising typical application functions for troubleshooting and performance analysis/modeling efforts while improving the ability to capture the natural flow of user interactions with the application, which can significantly increase the accuracy of network impact analysis and modeling.

TextPing provides the ability to simply enter or select a text description of the next user activity and send a series of sequential Ping packets which can be easily located in one continuous packet capture, rather than having to stop the packet capture utility, name and save the file, and re-start the packet capture between each activity.

PacketIQ TraceRoute Resolver

Enhance Your Traceroute Data - Extended Free Trial!

PacketIQ TraceRoute Resolver

The PacketIQ TraceRoute Resolver (TRR) is a Windows® application designed to enhance network traceroute results with additional information on Enterprise routing devices including their interfaces, link speeds, subnet masks, etc. and/or to easily find any of this information from search results.

This information is essential for:

  • Troubleshooting network or application performance problems
  • Conducting network impact and performance assessments
  • Day to day administration of network devices and LAN/WAN links

The Search feature makes finding information on specific devices quick and easy - even without a traceroute

Performing a traceroute from a user location to the target application server is an essential first step in troubleshooting application performance issues or performing a network impact and performance assessment to accurately identify all of the routing devices and WAN links in the path and measure network latency.

The TraceRoute Resolver matches traceroute IP addresses for each hop with records from a Network Information file which has been pre-prepared from available sources of data such as a network management system and/or manual compilation.

TRR results can be saved to a text file in Tab-delimited format or Copy/Pasted into applications such as Microsoft® Excel®.

PacketIQ tools give you unprecedented accuracy and visibility into the critical performance affecting conditions in your network and applications - making it possible to easily and expertly manage your Information Technology Services to maximize network and application performance and user productivity while minimizing costs.

Contact PacketIQ today to get started!

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