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PacketIQ Performance Analysis & Management Training

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PacketIQ Advanced Wireshark Training Brochure
Download an Essential Wireshark training brochure to accompany your training budget request

Wireshark 101 Quick Reference Guide
This is the Quick Reference Guide provided with Wireshark 101 training - all these topics are covered, and more!
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Essential Wireshark Training

3 Days - On Site - Hands On training for up to 12 personnel:
Each trainee receives the full set of 3 laminated Quick Reference Guides to aid learning and retention and essential Wireshark Display Filters to enhance troubleshooting and performance analysis

Enhance your Wireshark Skills!

Click for a larger image - this is not a typical Wireshark setup - but it could be yours!

Wireshark is the IT industry-standard tool for packet-level analysis of network and application protocols... but to use Wireshark effectively you have to have the right skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience that doesn't come from casual use or watching videos and webinars.

Mastering Wireshark requires focused, structured training that includes hands-on application to real-world packet capture scenarios.

PacketIQ is pleased to provide on-site - hands-on training with real-world packet trace files that throughly cover all of Wireshark's features and functionality including:

  • How to customize and apply Wireshark options and filters
  • Analysis techniques to quickly isolate network and application problems and performance issues

  • Analysis of a wide range of modern network and upper layer protocols

Wireshark skills are essential for network, application, server, database, and security professionals alike in today's sophisticated IT environments.

This course is conducted by a Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) and author of "Wireshark Essentials" ( available from Amazon and Packt Publishing ) with 25+ years of experience analyzing packets.

This training is GUARANTEED to vastly improve your skills and knowledge and make you much more effective at packet-level analysis.

Includes laminated Wireshark - Performance Analysis - Network Protocols Quick Reference Guides for improved retention and usage and advanced Wireshark Profiles for enhanced troubleshooting and performance analysis.

Wireshark 201 - Performance Analysis

This course is designed to help you become a Wireshark Master!

Learn essential features & functions
Become (more) proficient using the tool
Learn fundamental analysis techniques
The topics covered in Wireshark 101 include:
How Wireshark works
Frames vs Packets vs Segments
Menus, toolbars, right-click options
Customizing personal profiles
Custom columns
Capturing packets - where and how
Capture filters - hosts, ports, offsets
Remote captures
Display filters
Filter expression buttons
Working with time (Abs, Rel, Delta time)
Conversations & data streams
Expert info & statistics
Configuring and using IO graphs
Stream analysis - TCP, SIP, RTP
Wireless adapters & captures
Coloring rules
Command line utilities
Wireshark Tips

Wireshark 201 - Performance Analysis

Designed to help you save your company money by improving user productivity and reducing costs of troubleshooting poorly performing applications with expert packet-level analysis, and significantly improve your value as an IT professional.

The topics covered in Wireshark 201 include:
Top 5 Reasons for Poor Application Performance

Performance Analysis Methodology

Defining the problem
Collecting system - app - path info
Preparing tools and approach
Performing & verifying packet capture
Initial error analysis
Detecting and prioritizing delays
Server processing time events
App turns and app turn delays
Analyzing network throughput
Miscellaneous traffic issues
TCP & UDP connections & issues
TCP throughput analysis
Application issues & errors
Reporting performance metrics
Other tools and techniques

Wireshark 301 - Packets & Protocols

Provides you with essential knowledge for troubleshooting complex network and application issues. You will attain a solid working familiarity with packet structures, network and application services protocols, Upper Layer Protocols, and typical data flows for each.

The topics and protocols covered in Wireshark 301 include:

Ethernet - IPv4/v6 - UDP - TCP packet formats and fields
ARP - DNS - DHCP - ICMP including IPv6 implementations of these services
CIFS/SMB & FTP protocols, commands, flows
SQL - databases, query structure
VoIP - call control, Transport, SIP, RTP, RTCP, codecs
Citrix - overview, protocols

Includes real-world packet trace file analysis for each protocol

Requires customer-provided training facilities and that each attendee possess a workstation or laptop that can support Wireshark software and training-related packet trace file installations.

Pricing does not include travel expenses for one trainer.
50% training retainer required when training is scheduled

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Performance Analysis & Management Training

The advanced skills and processes developed and utilized by PacketIQ to provide intelligent performance management analysis services can be transferred to your IT staff.

This is not classroom training alone...

Experience has shown that these skills are most efficiently absorbed by 'doing', so this training is offered as part of a joint-effort performance analysis engagement in your environment in conjuction with the purchase of the applicable PacketIQ tools.

PacketIQ offers on-site, hands-on training in the following Performance Management disciplines*:

  • Bandwidth / Traffic Statistical Analysis
  • Latency & Effective Throughput Analysis
  • Application Performance Analysis

Coming soon:

  • Server Performance Analysis
  • SQL Database Performance Analysis
  • Transaction Rate Analysis
  • Network Impact & Performance Modeling
PacketIQ Training

* Performance managment training requires purchase of applicable PacketIQ and/or other vendor analysis tools.

Contact PacketIQ for more Performance Analysis Training info and scheduling.