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Enhance Application Test Packet Captures with TextPing!

PacketIQ TextPing

What is TextPing?

TextPing is a Windows® application designed to enhance application test packet captures by:

  • ‘Marking’ the start of each application test activity in the packet capture file with a series of ICMP ‘Ping’ packets containing user-specified text messages for easy identification.

  • Recording CPU, Memory, OS, and network interface information from the test workstation.
  • Performing a traceroute to the destination host/server or network device.
  • Performing periodic latency and ‘Average Effective Throughput’ tests on a continuous basis and each time a set of message packets are sent to provide information about network conditions at the time of the test.

TextPing was primarily designed to make it easier to do packet captures of a user exercising typical application functions for troubleshooting and performance analysis/modeling efforts while improving the ability to capture the natural flow of user interactions with the application, which can significantly increase the accuracy of network impact analysis and modeling.

TextPing provides the ability to simply enter or select a text description of the next user activity and send a series of sequential Ping packets which can be easily located in one continuous packet capture, rather than having to stop the packet capture utility, name and save the file, and re-start the packet capture between each activity.

TextPing performs full logging of the test workstation configuration (CPU, Memory, OS, and Network Interfaces) and all TextPing settings.

TextPing Log Example - Startup and Settings Click any image for larger image

TextPing also fully resolves the Target URL, Hostname or IP address and performs a traceroute to the target to identify all the devices in the network path.

TextPing Log Example - Target Resolution and Traceroute

Finally, TextPing provides full logging of test specifics for each set of Text Messages sent - including latency and Average Effective Throughput tests.

TextPing Log Example

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PDF iconPacketIQ TextPing Quick Reference

TextPing Ping packets containing user Text Messages viewed in a Wireshark® capture file
Wireshark coloring rules can portray ICMP Ping packets with a Violet background

Wireshark Capture of TextPing Packets

ICMP packets generated by TextPing are generally grouped together in a trace file.
Alternating Small & Large ICMP packets allow measurements of Avg Effective Throughput

Wireshark Capture - Packet Summary
Click for larger image

User specified Text Messages can be viewed in the Ping packet data payloads. The message in this example is "PacketIQ TextPing Message: 1. Login to myApplication..."

Wireshark Capture - Text Messages in Packet Data Payloads

As can be seen in the illustrations above, locating TextPing message packets within a packet trace file is relatively easy and supports continuous-capture application testing.

TextPing is an example of the innovative and practical tools developed and utilized by PacketIQ to provide expert Network and Application Performance Management.

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